TechCrunch Space had an exciting week that will go down in history. Boeing’s Starliner successfully launched astronauts into space and docked with the International Space Station. SpaceX also launched Starship, bringing it back home after the fourth flight. The images from these events were spectacular, making it a remarkable week for rocketry.

Boeing’s Starliner made history by delivering two astronauts to the ISS for the first time. The mission is ongoing, with the astronauts expected to return home aboard Starliner after spending a week at the station. The successful launch was a significant achievement after years of delays and technical issues.

SpaceX also had a successful launch, returning the booster and upper stage of the Starship back to Earth in controlled ocean splashdowns. The company showcased the ability to control the vehicle during reentry, with impressive images and videos from the launch.

In other news, Economist Pierre Lionnet analyzed SpaceX’s financials and how low launch costs for Falcon are tied to Starlink profitability. Fisker issued a recall for its all-electric Ocean SUV due to warning light problems. Gorilla, a Belgian energy data company, raised €23 million in a Series B round. South Korea’s fabless AI chip industry saw significant fundraising events as demand for AI hardware increased.

Additionally, Black Semiconductor raised $273 million for chip-connecting technology based on graphene. Apex, a satellite manufacturer, closed $95 million in new capital after a successful mission. YC aims to leverage its influence in areas like competition policy. Lina Khan from the FTC discussed the agency’s enforcement strategy and innovative tactics to fight fraud.

Apple debuted new features at WWDC 2024, including AI tools and messaging features. TikTok is challenging Google’s dominance in search, while General Motors is investing $850 million in Cruise for autonomous vehicles. Google is making its Gemini Nano AI model available to Pixel 8 and 8a users. iOS 18 will be available in the fall as a free software update.

Overall, it was an eventful week in the tech and space industry, with significant achievements and developments that will shape the future of space exploration and technology.