The PS5’s SSD just has 667GB of available storage (a lot less than Xbox collection X’s 885GB SSD), and with triple-A games typically sizing up at approximately 50GB to 70GB minimum, managing new game downloads — plus updates — has been a small nightmare for PS5 owners. Luckily, a new report by Bloomberg suggests that Sony is working on a firmware update that will finally allow PS5 owners to update its internal memory.

Based on Bloomberg’s anonymous sources, Sony’s forthcoming update will allow the PS5’s expansion bay, enabling players to install another M.2 SSD to the console. If you remove the detachable”fins” covering the PS5, then you’ll observe the internal slot intended to house an extra drive. The slot was disabled since launch, with Sony promising last November that external storage service would come in a future upgrade.

To that end, the update will also unlock faster cooling fan levels to prevent the system from overheating. The sources point for this summer concerning when Sony will announce the update. While that all sounds fantastic, the business has yet to provide a listing of compatible drives accepted for PS5.

Even still, this is welcome news provided that PS5 owners now have scant alternatives in regards to adding storage space. PS5 titles can only be set up internally, restricting the usefulness of external USB drives; those can only be used on PS5 to run less-demanding PS4 games. Games are just getting bigger, and as we have seen with nightmare scenarios such as the current Call of Duty games growing too large for your 500GB PS4, the problem of storage is one which needs to be addressed sooner than later.


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