SEGA attorneys have targeted Steam Database over piracy issues surrounding the match Yakuza: Just Like A Dragon, mistaking the web site for a piracy website.

When some individuals have been pirating the newest Yakuza game online, Steam Database is definitely not accountable for all these pirated copies; unfortunately, that does not appear to have stopped SEGA from threatening the website with legal action.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is the latest installment in the Yakuza series from SEGA. The match was released worldwide in November 2020 and published on the PlayStation 5 at ancient 2021. This Yakuza focuses on a unique principal character than previous installments, following the life of Kazuma Kiryu, who’s trying to live a normal life after leaving the Tojo Clan. The game features all of the wacky novelty fun and street brawling the series is known for, even though in a very first for the show it’s shifted to a turn-based combat system more recognizable to fans of Persona 5 and similar titles.

One of the creators and developers of Steam Database, Pavel Djundik (through Kotaku), has published on Twitter about lawyers from SEGA who are trying to take down the website’s page for Yakuza: Just Like A Dragon after asserting that the statistics site was distributing the game. Djundik needed to take the page down himself after a claim has been delivered to the web host firm managing Steam Database. Presently the webpage sports a message describing SEGA’s accusation and intentionally refuting it.

It goes without mentioning that Steam Database is not a site to pirate games on. It’s a website that tracks public information from several sources, such as Steam, to display in an easy to use format. Information such as game pricing, revenue and participant counts are found on Steam Database. Even though the site has always been dedicated solely to seeing this sort of advice, it seems that the creators get a DMCA one or more times per year. The group works hard to solve any problems that pop up, but SEGA appears disinclined to react to any of Steam Database’s messages on the matter.

While it’s understandable that SEGA would want to bring the hammer down the prosecution on sites which help individuals pirate the games it works so tough to make, clearly, a mistake has been made in this case. Hopefully, SEGA and its attorneys quickly realize that Steam Database is innocent; it is simply a great tool for individuals to view interesting information online for free, rather than for pirating games.


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