A player lately claimed to have enhanced GTA Online’s loading times by around 70 percent.

First story: Rockstar Games has confirmed to PC Gamer a fan-made remedy to GTA Online’s abysmal loading times will get official at a forthcoming upgrade.

At the start of March, Github consumer tostercx, that also goes by t0st, maintained they had found a means to decrease GTA Online’s loading times up to 70 percent.

For those considering the specialized angles of these matters, tostercx also composed a comprehensive analysis of that which was incorrect, and the way they had fixed it. It’s rather technical, but the brief version is that the lag has been due to”just one thread CPU bottleneck whilst launching up GTA Online,” an issue they anticipated”should not take over a day to get one dev to address.”

It took a marginally longer than this, but Rockstar has verified that tostercx’s findings were true, and a fix is on the way.

“Following a thorough evaluation, we could affirm that participant t0st failed, in actuality, show an element of the game code associated with load times to the PC version of GTA Online which may be made better,” the firm said in an announcement. “As a consequence of those investigations, we’ve made some changes which are implemented at a forthcoming name upgrade ”

Tostercx explained that they had been granted $10,000 via Rockstar’s Bug Bounty program. That is normally reserved for detecting privacy or security problems in Rockstar’s online games, but the studio decided to award the bounty”as an exclusion” in this circumstance, tostercx stated. Rockstar affirmed to PC Gamer that the payment has been made.

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