The Government and the civil servants’ unions have agreed on the largest offer of public employment in history. A total of 29,578 positions for the General State Administration (AGE), not counting the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces or the Administration of Justice, which also represents an additional increase compared to the nearly 27,000 positions that last week offered Public Function.

According to both CSIF and UGT, the places are distributed as follows: 15,880 new entrants, which represents an increase of 29% compared to 2021; 9,591 for internal promotion, almost 2% more than the previous year; and 4,107 more for stabilization.

The amount of the offer, which is expected to be approved tomorrow in the Council of Ministers, comes at a complex economic time and to deal with the “massive” retirements that are taking place and will continue to take place in the AGE. In fact, the forecast is that the qualification of historical will continue to be repeated in the coming years given the needs presented by the Administration, and the desire of the Sánchez Government to not only maintain but expand the public workforce. So much so that this offer will create around 5,000 net jobs.

“The Government finally seems to have realized the serious personnel needs of our State Administration and we have agreed on a historic job offer, with nearly 29,000 places for this year. We have never had a similar offer. We It has taken weeks of negotiation,” says Miguel Borra, president of CSIF. “Employment services, Social Security, the tax agency, ministries or research centers have worked these years at a minimum, damaging the care our citizens receive. In addition, there are thousands of people who will soon retire,” he adds. .

“The Agreement incorporates measures to speed up the selection processes through social dialogue, as UGT Servicios Publicos has demanded”, exposes this union. “Currently, only the interval between the publication of the offer and the effective call can take more than two years, so the personnel needs to attend to citizens are not adequately met. To achieve this, the calls are They will be published in the same exercise that the OEP is approved and the maximum time between the exercises that make up the opposition phase of the free shift will be reduced, to significantly reduce the duration of the selection process, “explain UGT sources.

The next step in the field of Public Function will be the salary negotiation, which the Ministry itself has already promised will begin once the job offer is approved, that is, starting this week. The unions demand a multi-year plan that allows officials to “recover lost purchasing power.” That is, that public wages rise beyond inflation at a time when private sector workers are being asked for an income pact and, therefore, to accept losing purchasing power.

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