The announcements of “refoundation” have not calmed the internal storm within Ciudadanos, where there are positions and militants who continue to demand resignations or the convening of an extraordinary congress to try to get out of the crisis. The determination of these critical sectors will be settled on Monday when the Executive Committee meets in the morning and, in the afternoon, the General Council, the highest body between assemblies. There Inés Arrimadas will give explanations, will sell the proposal for its refoundation and will listen to any criticism that may arise. Then it will be seen if these are also translated into a real pulse to separate her from the leadership of Cs.

The double appointment that Monday will also measure whether Arrimadas offers any gesture in return. He already did it after the failed motion of censure in Murcia, when he introduced relevant changes within the national leadership. That crisis was settled then with changes in the hard core with the entry of Begoña Villacís and Juan Marín and the loss of power of Carlos Cuadrado and José María Espejo.

In this waiting period, Arrimadas made a move this Wednesday and tried to seek the complicity of some depressed militants with a letter, to which EL MUNDO had access, in which he wanted to face the harsh defeat in Andalusia and the “errors » committed in their mandate. In it he outlines an explanation of his future plan and promises to give them a voice in this process to choose above all that is important: electoral brand, program and, also, “teams and leadership.”

In his presentation, Arrimadas points out that “the easy thing” would be to leave but that he considers that a resignation would be “a new mistake for the viability of the liberal project.”

“The temptation of the easy is permanent, from past and present political offers [by the PP] that promise comfort and tranquility, to the return to the private sector and the family [he has two children and one of only three months]”, he says the president of the orange party. However, her “absolute conviction” is that this would be very detrimental to Ciudadanos. “The solution I believe in is to set the course of the rudder, keeping it, no matter how strong the storm, until reaching a safe port,” she says.

Faced with the calls for a reaction, Arrimadas affirms that there will be a “radical change” and that the situation “deserves a refoundation, a profound renewal.” Next, he guarantees that the bases will be the “true protagonists” of these changes, since he promises an “open, ambitious and participatory” process in which the militants will be the ones in charge of deciding.

“You and all your colleagues will be”, he points out, “those in charge, once again, of endorsing the priority programmatic and political lines, the brand, the teams and the leadership.” He has not yet revealed how it will be exactly, but he does call on affiliates to sign up for this mission.

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