Assuming you have a 300 haptic suit.

Phasmophobia’s ghosts will shortly have the ability to reach from the monitor and grasp your real, flesh-and-blood body–presuming you have shelled out for among these newly-supported bHaptics suits.

Basically, these can allow the game activate vibrations throughout your bod, presumably to ship real shivers down your back when a spook shows up.

Blend that with the match’s pre VR support, and you need to now effectively be in a position to fully transfer your body inside the multiplayer ghost-hunter sim. The easiest of the organization’s strategic haptic vests will put you back $300, using a more expensive model comprising over double the amount of vibration factors heading to get a hot $500.

Paranormal researchers on a funding have not been left from this new upgrade, needless to say. Along with heaps of bug fixes and tweaks, ghosts finally have a opportunity to snuff out candles in dimly-lit chambers –using a fresh reward for discovering the existence of a phantom by candlelight.


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