I wonder if they get together?

Riot’s digital CCG Legends of Runeterra is about to get 110 new cardsnew champions, and a new region, which is what its own factions are called. All that is coming in Empires of the Ascended, a growth it’s possible to see the slick preview for over.

This new region is Shurima, an Egyptian-themed desert land finish with a collapsed empire and seemingly at least one expert in some ailing windsurfing moves. Mark Sassenrath, the design lead for Empires of the Ascended, stated via press release,”We are super excited for everyone to eventually experience the glorious new area, Shurima. With this set, we have tried to go’next level’ in cinematic moments, novel mechanics, and large plays. We can’t wait to see what you do with it when it goes live!”

Riot will be showcasing new cards from the expansion every day via Legends of Runeterra’s various social stations, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, until Empire of the Ascended releases March 3.

If you are looking to enter the famously generous free-to-play CCG, here is the way to perform Legends of Runeterra.


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