The PSOE does not give its arm to twist. He wants to guarantee Dolores Delgado a promotion of bells in the prosecutor’s career when he has to leave the Attorney General’s Office, and that is why he maintains against all odds the amendment he introduced in the Bankruptcy Law to ensure him a position as Prosecutor of the Supreme Court. The highest category.

The proposal, which has nothing to do with the object of the rule in which it slipped, was presented on March 16, when there were barely three minutes left before the deadline for the presentation of partial addenda. And this Tuesday it will be debated within the framework of the presentation of the bankruptcy reform, in the Congress of Deputies.

In this procedure, the Popular Parliamentary Group will request “a separate vote on this amendment, in order to know the support that the Government has to process such an outrage against the necessary neutrality and independence of the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” as this newspaper has learned. . In other words, so that it is staged that not even the members of the Executive support this attempt to favor the former minister.

“We are facing a covert promotion of Delgado, which shows that the current State Attorney General is still the 23rd minister of the Government, and that favor is paid with favor,” they point out in the PP. The popular want that in the reform of the Judiciary that they are going to negotiate with the Executive, it is prevented, from now on, that an active politician can become attorney general, as was the case of Delgado, appointed to the position the same day that She resigned as Minister of Justice.

They recall that the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) demands to reform the election system of the state attorney general “to guarantee not only her impartiality, but also her appearance of impartiality.”

When it presented the amendment, the Socialist Group garnered criticism not only from PP, Vox and Cs, but also from United We Can or ERC. The spokesman for United We Can, Pablo Echenique, has already announced that his party will not support it. “We were not informed and we are not going to support it. At least it is strange that they present such an amendment in the Bankruptcy Law », he said.

The amendment stipulates that “if the appointment [of attorney general] falls on a member of the prosecutorial career, he will be in a situation of special services and will acquire the category of Prosecutor of the Supreme Court once he is dismissed.” In practice, this means that Delgado, once dismissed, will skip 467 positions on the ranks to access the status of Prosecutor of the Supreme Court (there are only 31 at present).

And it will do so unilaterally, without taking into account the opinion of the prosecutorial career. In the two antecedents in which similar decisions were made, they were adopted by the prosecutorial career within the framework of the Fiscal Council. In fact, the Association of Prosecutors addressed a letter to the Justice Commissioner, Didier Reynders, about the risks of the reform and the danger for the independence of the institution implicit in the amendment. In addition, 16 Supreme Court prosecutors (more than half) addressed a letter to the attorney general asking her to address the Socialist Group in Congress to withdraw the amendment.

The reform proposed by the PSOE also modifies article 9.2 of the Statute of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to allow the General Prosecutor’s Office to inform the Government about the actions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in cases that it considers to be of special importance and that the General Prosecutor considers that the Government should know . “This power ultimately results in a greater power of the Government over the Public Prosecutor’s Office and a more than notable increase in the organic dependency of the Government on the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” PP sources observe.

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