After declaring before this month the import role will be live until the end of February, IO Interactive has affirmed that owners of both Hitman 2 and 1 can import both matches’ places into Hitman 3 at no cost.

IO’s first solution was to offer you an access pass to the Hitman 2 places at a discounted rate, which surprisingly enough was not received quite well. Then they promised that they’d work on a way to export the places free-of-charge for existing users, but it would take a while.

IO continues to be employing the access pass for a way to transfer places over to Hitman 3, but they have now chucked a dedicated website for owners of those first two games to claim that the moves at no cost. It is”an easy three-step procedure,” one that IO urges you do on your own PC since the site is not optimized for cellular.

Andy gave the match a gorgeous 90, while Fraser won’t break until his fantasies of being performed by Agent 47 come true.


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