1. Pedro Sánchez alarms the EU with immigration and a European alliance to help him in the crisis with Algeria

The firmness of Algiers overwhelms the Government and Albares asks for an express appointment with the European Commissioner for Trade to give protection.

2. Fuel, ammunition and reservists: strengths and weaknesses of kyiv and Moscow in their war of annihilation

Russia suffers enormous attrition in military casualties and tanks, while kyiv needs more long-distance weaponry and time to train new troops.

3. Unions call their contract negotiators to instruct them to turn up the heat until companies raise wages

Uncontrolled inflation leads to social tension. CCOO and UGT are already working in a scenario of labor conflict to get companies to agree to raise salaries at the rate of the CPI.

4. The Police locate Vero, the runaway mother, in Switzerland and free her two children: “She was hiding like a terrorist”

The agents free the children, eight-year-old twins, who were out of school. Her mother was guided in her escape by the president of Infancia Libre, according to her friend who accompanied her. Switzerland studies the case and the father claims the children.

5. History of the Shadow: the murderer who fled 24 years from justice without moving from his neighborhood

He killed a man during a night of drinking in Madrid in 1979. He was sentenced to 18 years, but escaped before entering prison. He did not leave the country or look for a hiding place. He became invisible without leaving Barcelona. The journalist David Cabrera now tells the escape of ‘La Sombra’

6. Pornography: battle between freedom and prohibition

As has been the case for centuries, attempts to hide explicit sexual representations are reviving while the debate about the supposed harm they cause is growing.

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