Our evaluations reveal a certain improvement, and a few players are reporting a huge decrease in loading times.

Approximately a couple of weeks ago an enterprising modder known as t0st uploaded something fairly shocking to Github: a repair that, they maintained, took good care of 2 bugs at Grand Theft Auto Online’s loading chain and slashed the match’s infamously long loading times up to 70 per cent . They clarified their job, and provided some guidance to Rockstar.

Rockstar was quiet for some time, then affirmed to PC Gamer yesterday”that participant t0st did, in reality, show an element of the game code associated with load occasions to get the PC version of GTA Online which could be made better.”

Rockstar stated it might employ a number of t0st’s learnings within an upgrade, and now it’s: A patch was published for GTA Online that implements the correct, and the results are instantly evident. Our own Wes Fenlon timed it used to take three minutes and 15 minutes to get from launching to the in-game flat, and also a post-patch evaluation is doing exactly the identical thing in just two minutes. Phil Savage analyzed it too and got a much more remarkable outcome of just more than a minute to load (though he has not timed his older heaps ).

The GTA Online community on Reddit has already been posting their particular customs, and they’re indicating even more breathtaking differences. We can not affirm these, therefore some promises should be taken with a pinch of saltbut you will find an overwhelming amount of people saying they have seen a huge improvement.

“Insane. Silent Prototipe found it move”out of 4-5 minutes a minute and 22 minutes” Before it was just like 8-10 minutes . Damn.”

Our very own internal evaluations reveal more small developments, but improvements nonetheless.

Rockstar’s short notes about the patch comprise an acknowledgement:”Due to t0st because of his gifts around this component of the title upgrade.” The business also paid t0st $10,000 via its Bug Bounty program, which is typically reserved for detecting privacy or security problems in Rockstar’s online games, however this has been”as an exclusion,” t0st stated.

It seems as though t0st is owed much more than this: Who knows the number of individual hours their job has stored? Due to the patch, in the event that you ever reverted diving back into GTA Online, there has probably never been a better time.


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