GTA 6 Trailer 2 Leaked Before Official Release; Rockstar Games Responds

The highly anticipated second trailer for GTA 6 unexpectedly surfaced online hours before its scheduled debut on December 5, 2023, at 9 am ET. This incident marks another leak for Rockstar Games, the developer behind the popular franchise, following a previous leak in September 2022. The leak was allegedly orchestrated by an individual known as Skenkir, according to @zachxbt, an online user.

@zachxbt claimed that Skenkir gained access to a YouTube admin panel, allowing early access to the unlisted trailer. Screenshots of Telegram messages supposedly from Skenkir were shared, showing discussions about sharing the video and adding a watermark, which was later seen in the leaked footage.

The leaked trailer revealed the anticipated release window of Fall 2025, a detail not previously disclosed by Rockstar Games. According to @zachxbt, the leaked video went live at 21:58 UTC on an undisclosed date, prompting Rockstar Games to release the official version on YouTube ahead of schedule.

Rockstar Games swiftly responded to the leak by suspending the account responsible. Despite the setback, the official trailer broke records upon its legitimate release.

As fans eagerly await more information about GTA 6, Rockstar Games has remained silent about a second trailer, confirming that it won’t be shown at the upcoming Summer Game Fest 2024 event. Fans are still hoping for updates on the highly anticipated game.


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