Police have found an 8-year-old boy, identified as Joe, in a sewer after more than a week missing. The minor was lost on the afternoon of June 17 in the town of Oldenburg, northwest Germany, the municipal police reported.

The boy was discovered by a passerby after hearing noises coming from a sewer. The man alerted the emergency services, who managed to pull him out of the drain.

Joe was taken to a nearby hospital as he had symptoms of hypothermia and dehydration. He was found about 300 meters from his house and the police have ruled out that another person may be involved.

The Police have indicated that the boy had learning problems so he could have been confused and considered the hide-and-seek a game.

Agents have concluded that Joe got into a sewer pipe while playing, and then crawled into the drainage system, causing him to lose several feet. Thus, the boy has stated that he became disoriented and was not able to find his way out.

The police authorities have described this outcome as “absolute luck” since there were many possibilities of not being able to find it.

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