In September of this past year, it had been confirmed that the industry was going toward a $70 price tag for PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X games, and it likely only a matter of time until it will become the norm. It looks like Final Fantasy VII Remake is joining the ranks of 70 matches using its PS5 version, officially known as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

PlayStation fans got a first look at how the Final Fantasy VII remake plays on the PS5 earlier this week during the most recent State of Play showcase. In addition into the Yuffie episode, Square Enix shared that the gaps players can anticipate with PS5 upgrades. What we didn’t understand until after the showcase was that the price was getting an update as well.

The standalone physical and digital variations of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will both retail at $69.99. The new Yuffie episode is contained in that package, but for those who want a bit more, there is also a Digital Deluxe version of Intergrade which will include goodies such as a digital artbook, an electronic miniature soundtrack, and a Cacstar weapon for the ones that pre-order through the PlayStation Store.

There’s a whole lot to be excited for with Intergrade, particularly for those that were waiting to get a PlayStation 5 port. “The first Final Fantasy VII is among the strongest and adored games of all time, representing the best storytelling, gameplay, and technology its age had to offer,” explained our very own Joe Juba about the movie in his full review. “Its monumental influence on the role-playing genre is difficult to overstate — but much harder to replicate in the present landscape. That battle between background and invention is the engine that drives Final Fantasy VII Remake; the legend of the first looms large over it such as the metallic plates above the slums of Midgar, but that new version refuses to just exist under a shadow.

While not every game that comes out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will include a $70, it will become more visible as fresh titles launching. What are your thoughts on the 10 dollar price hike: warranted, despise the movement, or think that it plays into a more glowing long-term strategy? Sound off with your sexy takes in the comment area below!


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