The Civil Guard has arrested a German citizen who ran a massage parlor in Mogán (Gran Canaria), accused of having recorded his clients while they were naked with a hidden camera for fifteen years, from 2005 to 2020.

The Judicial Police began to investigate the 59-year-old suspect, after receiving a complaint from a woman who claimed that her 15-year-old daughter had been subjected to sexual touching while they were giving her a massage in that room, as reported by the Command. from Las Palmas.

The woman could not provide any physical evidence of these abuses, but the Civil Guard patrol, which went to the massage parlor to carry out some initial checks, discovered a spy camera in operation that recorded the stretcher area.

Already in the registry of the establishment, another hidden camera was detected and computer file storage devices were seized in which 82 videos appeared with images of 20 women, who were secretly recorded while they were naked and receiving a massage from the detainee .

The Civil Guard assures that in the images themselves there are indications that the women did not know that they were being recorded.

The detainee had been running a massage center in a tourist and residential complex in the town of Patalavaca for more than a decade, with a wide portfolio of clients of national origin, but also foreigners, says the Las Palmas Command.

For this reason, the Civil Guard requested the collaboration of the German police authorities, who confirmed that there was a video from 2005 with images of a woman from their country.

In addition, the agents managed to identify three other victims who were recorded with the naked spy camera without their permission in 2019 and 2020, including a girl, and found out that one of the adults and the minor had suffered abuse by the detainee.

The Civil Guard points out that it continues to analyze the images to identify more victims of these recordings.

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