London’s Heathrow airport announced that it has introduced a limit of 100,000 daily passengers who will be able to pass through its terminals until September 11, in order to meet the high demand for travel.

Airlines planned to operate flights with an average daily capacity of 104,000 seats during that period, according to Heathrow.

According to the airport, airlines have been asked to stop selling summer tickets to limit the impact that strong demand may have on passengers.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said today that recent weeks have seen the number of passengers passing through the terminals regularly exceed 100,000 per day.

This has led to problems such as long lines, delays for passengers requiring assistance, bags not traveling with travelers or arriving late, poor punctuality and last-minute cancellations, Holland-Kaye said.

“Our colleagues are doing everything they can to get as many passengers out as possible, but we cannot put them at risk for their own safety and well-being,” he added.

Heathrow had reported yesterday that it has asked airlines to cancel 61 flights on Monday due to the impossibility of managing the high number of passengers passing through its facilities.

An official spokeswoman had explained that terminals three and five of the airport estimated the arrival of a number of users “greater than its capacity allows”, for which it has asked “some” companies to cancel a “combined total of 61 flights” .

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