BioWare won’t be exhibiting anything at EA’s post E3 conference.

EA dropped a Battlefield 2042 gameplay video at E3, but otherwise, they skipped the show. They prefer to wait until EA Play Live later in the month for their reveals. Two games are not among the reveals now: Dragon Age 4 (the new Mass Effect)

BioWare stated in a Tweet today that it won’t show anything at EA Play Live this year. The RPG studio pointed to Star Wars: The Old Republic today for the most recent news and said that it is “hard at work” on the next Dragon Age or Mass Effect game.

Although we have known for some time about the next Dragon Age (which, for simplicity’s sake, we call Dragon Age4), it is still likely to be two or more years away. We have only seen teases and concept art that place Solas, the fan favorite mage, in a leading position.

The new Mass Effect was also announced recently. It is located in the same place. It’s clearly connected to the original trilogy. The teaser shows the blue alien Liara, and series veterans are back at work on it. Although it’s still in development, it feels like something we might be able to play when The Elder Scrolls 6 is released.

It shouldn’t surprise that BioWare is sulking, given the fact that it has two large RPGs in development. It seems like BioWare may be going back to basics after the disappointing Mass Effect: Andromeda. Anthem also failed to make BioWare a major player in the live-service FPS market. The studio’s latest release is a remastering of the original Mass Effect trilogy. Its next two games feature beloved characters from early teases.


EA Play Live streamed live on July 22nd, with a preshow beginning at 10 o’clock Pacific. We will learn more about the mystery Battlefield 2042 mode that DICE LA has been working with, as well as see a large gameplay demo of the 128-player shooter. EA has its sports games and studios like Motive and Respawn to discuss.


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