Following a bug prevented Iron Banner weapons from getting dolled out properly, you can now get all of the loot you have earned from tokens and bounties.

We have only hit the next Iron Banner event in Destiny two ‘s Season of this Splicer, and with it comes a fix that created the first of the season’s PvP occasions somewhat less rewarding than normal. That bug made it so players turning in Iron Banner bounties and Iron Banner tokens could not earn additional copies of two weapons new to the season–but with the newest Iron Banner, that issue is fixed, and you can now claim new rolls on the Riiswalker shotgun and Archon’s Thunder machine gun.

Bungie recognized the problem during the first Iron Banner in May, and at the moment , we recommended you simply hold onto any bounties you finished and tokens you might have earned throughout the event. From the very first Iron Banner, only two of the season’s new Iron Banner weapons, the sniper gun Occluded Finality and hand cannon Finite Impactor, were falling correctly. You can get either from engrams earned at the conclusion of games, from turning into bounties, and by turning in tokens. For Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder, however, the only means to get them was by completing measures in the Iron Banner seasonal quest, Iron-Handed Diplomacy.

Should you held onto bounties and tokens from the very first event, you can turn them in now to get chances at these latter two weapons. We have confirmed that elderly bounties will operate to possibly offer you rolls on Riiswalker and Archon’s Thunder–though, like all arbitrary benefits, they are not guaranteed. Still, your chances are better today to get those guns, and you can surely earn a couple if you finish the seasonal quest. You can knock that up to three times if you have alternate characters.

Not long after it introduced a in-game warning against gamers from paying their tokens or turning into their bounties since two of the four new Iron Banner guns aren’t being rewarded through those methods.

They join the pool of other Iron Banner guns and armor pieces, so there’s still a part of randomness at play. For some guaranteed opportunities at the four brand new guns, be sure that you complete Iron-Handed Diplomacy on multiple personalities, as you’ll earn one of those guns from every step in completing the quest, for a total of three each.


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