The President of the Government of Aragon, the socialist Javier Lambán, faced with the announcement by the Generalitat of Catalonia to present a solo candidacy to organize the Winter Olympic Games in the Pyrenees in 2030, has warned that any decision that moves away from the Aragon’s proposal “will have an absolutely forceful response in all national and international spheres”.

In his opinion, “what is being generated, from that moment on, is a very serious territorial and political crisis. And I don’t think that the country is in this moment to face more crises and political conflicts than it has.”

The Minister of the Presidency, Laura Vilagrà, has announced that she will soon commission the director of the Generalitat’s technical team to prepare a “Catalan” candidacy proposal, to present it to the Spanish Committee, which has the last word.

In statements to the media, Lambán has specified that, “deep down, that was always his bet: some games in Catalonia” and shows an “absolute degree of intolerance and disdain” for Aragon. He added that, with this announcement, the Generalitat “definitively takes off its mask” and “clearly tells the COE and everyone that they want to organize some games on their own”.

Lambán believes that “it is demonstrated by the fact that they have gone to Sarajevo to ask for a series of collaborations and it has never occurred to them to talk to Aragón and seek collaborations with us, despite the fact that we are much closer and that we share the space where the games have to be played, which is the Pyrenees”.

The president of Aragon has “absolutely” rejected that his Executive is acting out of “anti-Catalan sentiment”. And he has specified: “I am not anti-Catalanist and I deeply love Catalonia, I am only against those who harm this Community with their policies.”

Lambán has pointed out that Aragon is still waiting for the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) to respond to its proposal to organize the Winter Olympics, an alternative that he has described as “very sensible, very fair, very egalitarian and very generous with Catalonia”.

In his opinion, “having the same seasons, the same capacities and qualities as the Catalan Pyrenees, we let them choose in each of the batches.” Lambán has avoided answering when asked if he had spoken with Pedro Sánchez about Catalonia’s decision to present his independent candidacy.

The mayor of Zaragoza and president of the PP of Aragón, Jorge Azcón, has considered that if the Generalitat presents “alone” a proposal to organize the 2030 Winter Olympics, someone from the PSOE “should respond to this”.

A proposal, he has said in statements to the media, that Catalonia is making “with the support” and “approval” of La Moncloa, where the president, Pedro Sánchez, is “with the support of the Catalan independentists.”

Azcón added that it is “obvious” that when the Aragonese president asks Sánchez for an interview and he “doesn’t even receive it”, there is “a problem” within the PSOE, which “prefers the Catalans and their votes to keep Sánchez than the dignity of the Aragonese”.

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