Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 will tackle jarring police behaviour, touch vehicle controllers, and also a fix for casual dodging.

Developer CD Projekt Red published a set of brief videos highlighting the forthcoming fixes along with an in-character patch note trailer earlier now. The very first thing on the list is just one of those game’s more notorious immersion-breaks: cops falling from the skies the minute you commit a crime. As a result of patch 1.2, law enforcement will react to offenses more realistically, sending attack drones to the event the spectacle before showing up in-house without outright teleporting in.

“This is a significant step in fixing the behaviour of the authorities in our sport,” the patch notes . “It ought to reduce the issue of NPCs spawning behind players’ backs and produce an impression that it takes time for the authorities to reach the crime scene after the crime was reported.”

The match’s fickle automobiles are up . Patch 1.2 will create two important developments to vehicles. Primarily, steering has become a much-needed sensitivity slider to create rotation more controllable, and that is coming alongside particular fixes for individual automobiles that could freak out at reduced frame rates, such as the Archer Hella. Second, should you end up losing control of a vehicle later on, a brand new unstuck attribute will save you the bother of re ditching your vehicle.

To round out the patch trailer, CD Projekt Red confessed that mapping dodge to double-tapping a secret on PC is not always perfect, so this activity can currently be disabled. This will depart dodge on double-tapping crouch, and”it must be feasible to maneuver WASD bindings round the computer keyboard ” Additional keybind issues will be addressed”in forthcoming patches,” the studio states.


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