It has been around 100 days because Sony Interactive Entertainment made the choice to pull Cyberpunk 2077 in the PlayStation Store.

After years of waiting and many flaws, programmer CD Projekt Red published the name on December 10 of this past year. As many may remember, the name failed to fulfill the hype, however.

Rather than a revolutionary experience, players across all platforms have been fulfilled with a busted name teeming with game-breaking bugs. Participants on last-gen consoles struck the majority of the problems, nevertheless, as a result of constant crashes, gloomy frame prices, subpar graphics, and AI that lacked any feeling of refinement. These issues and countless others led to CD Projekt Red claiming refunds to anyone who wanted their cash, a guarantee it failed to operate by its partners – Microsoft and Sony comprised . Nonetheless, the system holders and many retailers temporarily diluting their refund policies to adapt the ocean of refund requests.

Neither firm has provided any insight as to if the RPG will go back to the PlayStation storefront. Hopes were high that the reinstatement would come after a couple of notable updates, among which went live earlier in this year. On the other hand, the ransomware assault on CD Projekt Red’s community stopped the studio’s workflow for an unspecified time period. Although Cyberpunk 2077’s next significant patch, Update 1.2, found across all platforms now, there is no word about the status of their PlayStation Store variant’s reinstatement.

Before this season, prior to the cyberattack on its own networks, CD Projekt Red stated it had been”working with Sony to deliver Cyberpunk 2077 back to PlayStation Store whenever you can .” For the interest of PlayStation users that want to provide the open-world experience a go, here is to hoping the match’s PlayStation Store return remains a priority. Therefore, who can say for certain how the disappointing earnings amounts can impact CD Projekt Red’s strategy going forward?

CDPR’s concentrate on optimizing the encounter forced the studio to correct its own post-launch content plan. The free DLC that formerly had a historical 2021 launching window connected will now start sometime in the rear half of the year. The next-gen console updates are slated to get a late 2021 release.


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