The Court of Las Palmas has filed the case for an alleged hate crime against men opened against a teacher from a public center in Fuerteventura who in May 2019, in a Language and Literature class for 4th year ESO students (16 years old) ), used expressions such as “use of selective castration” or “men who have no balls”. She did so after reading a chapter of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Sixth Section of the Court has estimated the teacher’s appeal against the order that after the investigation considered that there was sufficient evidence to bring the teacher to trial. Both the Prosecutor’s Office and the parents’ association reporting the case -Association of Parents of Students for Respect- opposed the requested file.

The Prosecutor’s Office asked for Aurelia Vera, former councilor for the PSOE in the Puerto del Rosario City Council, one year and six months in prison, a fine and 10 years of disqualification from teaching.

The court does not believe that the teacher’s conduct “is remarkably serious.” It considers that her action “was not due to reasons of a discriminatory nature,” and that the expressions that she used “do not have a relevant entity, nor is it verified that they are due to reasons of this type.”

Remember when he used the controversial expressions he did it because he was commenting to his 60 students on a play in which female genital mutilation is discussed. What he was doing was using the term “selective castration” as “an antagonistic concept to that of female mutilation that the famous television production includes in one of its chapters.”

When asked by her lawyer, the woman stated that her intention was not to denigrate or offend, but that she wanted to convey “that the rights of women could be lost at any time and men could be beneficiaries.”

In the Court’s opinion, the transcript made of the audios recorded during the class “reveals an extreme feminist discourse on the part of the teacher, noting that her interest was not to incite hatred or violence against the male sector, which part of the listeners belonged, but it is noted, by the use of expressions as radical as the ‘use of selective castration’, or ‘men who have no balls, that the intention of it was to cause an explosion in adolescents critical thinking about the subject.

“Certainly the expressions are radical, extreme”, recognize the magistrates, “but adequate to provoke this reaction in students of 4th of ESO”. “By this we do not mean that the court shares the extreme defense of feminism that the teacher carried out in her classroom, but that the technique used was adequate to provoke her listeners, so that the purpose intended with the use of such expressions, cannot be isolated from the educational or training purposes of its students”, continue the magistrates.

In the opinion of the Chamber, it is “clear” that the teacher’s conduct does not fit the criminal category of a hate crime, since it was not an “action to encourage, promote or directly incite hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence against a group.

On the contrary, the court argues, “with the attack on men, or on the years of male domination, he wanted to awaken the feminist sentiment of the kids, in an extreme way and perhaps embedded in his own feminist ideology, but this does not make the expressions in an incitement to hatred of the male sex”.

The file of the case has been adopted by the magistrate Emilio Moya (president), Carlos Vielba and Oscarina Naranjo against the prosecutor’s position. In her indictment, now deactivated by the court, the prosecutor stated that the teacher pointed out in her classes “the male sex by her very nature as the cause of great evils for humanity.”

According to Canarias7, the woman acted “with the aim of arousing hatred, hostility, discrimination and violence against males”, as well as “attacking the human dignity of her underage male students and denigrating and belittling them for reason of their sex, and in order to feed a climate of humiliation, discredit and repulsion towards men.

The indictment insisted that Aurelia Vera promoted “the subjugation of men in society and even the elimination of their physical masculinity, through genital mutilation, instilling the convenience of implementing a policy of systematic castration of children, amputating them the penis and testicles, for social improvement.

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