The Civil Guard has rescued a young German shepherd who had fallen into a crack about six meters deep, in an area of ​​trenches from the Civil War in the municipality of Seseña (Toledo).

During an afternoon service, a few weeks ago, several calls were received at the Seseña barracks warning of the fall of a dog into a cavity in the area of ​​the Vallegrande neighborhood of the town of Seseña.

A citizen security patrol from the Main Post of Seseña traveled to the place, which met with the owner of the dog and her minor son. From outside you could hear the howls of the animal, which was very scared.

Seeing the agents that the depth of the hole made it impossible to descend without security measures, they improvised a climbing team using slings that they had, the Civil Guard reported in a statement.

One of the agents descended, while the companion and a neighbor who was interested in the facts, helped both in the descent of the agent, as well as in the hoisting of the civil guard and the animal.

Once on solid ground, both the owner of the dog and her minor son were able to verify that the dog, a female German shepherd a year and a half old and named Reina, was in perfect condition. Shortly after, now calmer, the owners of the animal appeared at the barracks in order to be able to thank the agents in person for their work in rescuing their dog.

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