The initiation of the Beyond Light growth last year caused considerable performance reduction for a few PC players.

The Fantasy 2: Beyond Light growth created an extremely positive impression on people, but in addition, it resulted in decreased performance for a number of players. The very first article in this Reddit ribbon , for example, states Beyond Light took the participant’s match from 100-130 fps into 45-55, together with GPU utilization pushing 100%. A high number of answers claim similar issues.

Now, courtesy of the latest This Week in Bungie upgrade, we have finally got an notion of exactly what went wrong, and Bungie has not made a series of jump in with both feet to repair the issue.

With the launch of Beyond Light, we left some significant engine modifications while working at home,” Bungie wrote.

Partially as a consequence of this, the upgrade introduced regrettable functionality declines on several PC configurations — a few configurations over others.”

Programmers have been producing fixes in each upgrade since then, however getting things back to where they had been was a slow process because Bungie must rely on outside spouse testing and comments from the live match to ascertain what type of influence the changes have. That is why it has not been speaking about the job it is doing, even at the area notes:”Due to this difficulty in forecasting how much every shift will enhance functionality, we have been unwilling to guarantee a fix, though we’re making routine operation optimizations,” Bungie explained.

The fantastic thing is that Destiny two’s functionality is now”near what it had been earlier Beyond Light for several PC configurations” That is not the most exact metric of time, but it’s an improvement. And it’s not completed yet: Bungie said it is continuing to work on the issue and so is”optimistic about the future”

Bungie also addressed problems with enemies becoming more”teleporty” because the launch of Beyond Light, stating that it made adjustments to incoming bandwidth limitations on its servers which should lower the impact, though some actions will not be affected by the change.


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