Nicolás Maduro already has a representative for the IX Summit of the Americas, which begins today in Los Angeles when a vigorous diplomatic battle is still being held between the organizer, convinced that he already has a “solid representation”, and the countries of the region. “It seems very good to me that Alberto Fernández brings the voice of Latin America and the Caribbean to the meeting of the Americas. We are going to be well represented,” the “people’s president” congratulated.

“I appreciate your brave position. The humble peoples of the continent recognize your firmness and add your voice to question the erratic imperial policy that intends to divide our continent,” added Maduro, who was never invited to the Summit and on whom a reward of 15 weighs. million dollars for whoever collaborates in his capture.

The revolutionary chief insisted that the Summit is not such and that it would be a meeting, in an attempt to increase the boycott that has emerged in recent weeks as a result of the pulse raised by the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who hours from the beginning, it has delegated its representation to its chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard. If Joe Biden does not give his arm to twist and does not invite the three revolutions, López Obrador will not attend a conclave in which issues, such as immigration, that directly affect his country, will be raised.

Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua were not only “punished” for maintaining anti-democratic positions. All three are the main allies of Vladimir Putin in the region. “The US intended to crush Russia and the opposite has happened,” insisted the “son of Chavez” in the same speech.

Boycott and exclusion are the two words that have marked the preambles to the summit so far. As Maduro has already made clear, his colleague Fernández will reluctantly attend the meeting in California, as confirmed by the Argentine president to Biden in a telephone conversation. Both presidents will specify in Los Angeles a subsequent visit by Fernández to Washington.

Maduro’s “voice” at the Summit has also finally given up on forcing a parallel pro-revolutionary summit in Los Angeles, an initiative that was born dead from its inception. Something that was made clear to Biden’s envoy to the area, former Democratic senator Christhoper Dodd, who on a lightning trip has met with several Latin American presidents.

What Fernández will try to do is make the most of his pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), created more than a decade ago by Hugo Chávez and Lula da Silva to consolidate their hegemony on the continent. His role will be to channel the protests against the exclusion of his allies, in addition to betting on the resurrection of the South American Union of Nations (Unasur), another piece for his geopolitical chessboard. “America is taking its path again, we have absolute faith,” stressed the Bolivarian leader.

In the final sprint towards the Summit, which dedicates its first days to civil society meetings, the absence of the Bolivian president, Luis Arce, who was present at the Anti-Summit in Havana with Maduro and the Cuban Miguel, has also been confirmed. Díaz-Canel, as well as the firm position of the Honduran leftist Xiomara Castro not to appear in Los Angeles if Biden does not open his hand beforehand.

Several casualties are also expected from the small Caribbean countries, allies of Venezuela, such as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Instead, Dodd returned to Washington with the certainty that the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro will forget his disagreements with the US and will go to California, as will the Chilean Gabriel Boric. Peruvian Pedro Castillo has already obtained permission from Congress to travel to the host city.

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