It was immediately shot down, but today it is official: Activision has set out exactly what Call of Duty fans may look forward to in the upcoming Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops — Cold War, such as new operators, weapons, maps, and multiplayer modes, along with the continuation of this Dark Aether narrative in Outbreak.

It would appear that the CIA-backed service called Requiem is having difficulty maintaining its Soviet counterpart, Omega Group, therefore when Dark Aether outbreaks start occurring from the Ural Mountains, squads of representatives must grab the chance to”finish the deadly experiments which few have lived” to be able to become caught up.

Not that it seems just like a terribly scientific procedure, mind you.

“Continuing the Dark Aether narrative, Outbreak occurs across enormous play spaces across the Ural Mountains, packed with fresh enemies, team aims, player rewards, and intel to find on foot, in vehicles, or even from leap pads. When it’s searching down elite enemies utilizing a satellite tracker, then escorting a Rover that finds dimensional portals, or even holding out from zombies in a restricted Dark Aether zone, then representatives of Requiem will have to complete these analyses before they could Exfil… or threat entering a Dark Aether portal site to some other area for much more benefits.”

The Season 2 roadmap, which you’ll be able to put eyes below, also suggests a Zombies Outbreak Challenge Event will run from February 25 to March 11.

Four brand new operators are coming back into Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone, for example:

Naga: Warsaw Pact (Launch Week) – Produced in Laos and increased through years of battle, Kapano”Naga” Vang is a former warlord who grew wealthy trafficking weapons and drugs throughout the infamous Golden Triangle.
Maxis: NATO (In Season) – After her rescue in the Omega Group in”Firebase Z,” Maxis prepares to combine Requiem about the frontlines to fend off outbreaks across the Ural Mountains.
And obviously new firepower and other resources of this transaction are all on the way to both Cold War and Warzone.

LC10: SMG (Launch Week) – A well-rounded full car submachine gun, the LC10 grants CQB Operators the ability to elongate conflicts out to the mid-range to a smaller, agile weapon stage as a result of its strong precision and prolonged powerful damage range.
Machete: Particular (In Season) – Made from a durable steel blade, the Machete is a wide foot-long blade tempered to maximum durability to be able to withstand chipping and breakage.
E-Tool: Melee (In Season) – Place your enemy six feet under with all the E-Tool, a military fashion tri-fold shovel typically utilized to dig out a defensive fighting position.
R1 Shadowhunter: Particular (In Season) – This crossbow’s easy and lightweight design allows for good handling and simpler eliminations.
ZRG 20mm: Sniper (In Season) – Constructed for sharpshooters who demand power to get rid of objects at extremely long ranges, this bolt-action sniper rifle boasts a quicker bullet speed than some other weapon in its own course, in addition to the capacity to remove Operators with just one shot into the head, chest, or shoulders in exchange for a slower fire rate.
The battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone may also experience some changes, including the addition of new things of interest, an ominous warning that”within Verdansk, something important is starting to rumble deep underground,” plus two or three new game modes: Exfiltration, a struggle to locate and maintain a mobile radio long enough to phone to an extract (obviously, whoever is holding the radio is going to be marked as a HVT, like they were beneath an Most Wanted Contract, on the strategic map–need to maintain the activity hopping), and Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme, an extreme, respawn-enabled Resurgence style firefight to get as much as 90 players. Exfiltration is going to be available during the entire year, while Rebirth Island Resurgence Extreme will operate through the Season 2 launching week.

1 thing that’s coming in Season 2, however, is a brand new map: We theorized that the movie trailer released earlier this week was a indication that a fresh battle royale locale was about the road, but it doesn’t seem to be the situation. Perhaps next time.

The new season starts on February 25, also you may find the full information on what is coming in


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