Weather Heat as in the month of July: more than 30 degrees in the northeast of the peninsula


    The weather this Friday will bring intense heat more typical of July than of the beginning of June in the northeast of the peninsula, with more than 30 degrees in areas near the Pyrenees and heavy rains in the northwest due to the influence of an Atlantic storm located to the west From Portugal.

    The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that this Friday there is a probability of showers and locally strong storms in Galicia and Asturias, in addition they are not ruled out in the Huesca Pyrenees.

    Not surprisingly, there is a yellow warning -risk for outdoor activities- due to storms and heavy afternoon rains with at least 15 liters per square meter in A Coruña (interior), Asturias (southwest), Lugo (center and mountains) and Pontevedra (inland), and by storms in Huesca (Pyrenees) and Zaragoza (Cinco Villas).

    On the other hand, this Friday there will be abundant cloudiness of evolution in the western, northern and eastern thirds of the peninsula, with showers and storms in the afternoon in Cantabria, the Basque Country, Navarra and Huesca, and they are not ruled out in the Ebro, the Iberian eastern and southeastern mountains.

    In the rest of the Peninsula, slightly cloudy skies will predominate, although there will be low morning clouds in western Andalusia. In the Balearic Islands, abundant medium and high cloudiness is expected that could leave some weak precipitation accompanied by mud.

    The Canary Islands will have cloudy intervals, without ruling out some weak and local rain in the north of the islands with greater relief.

    On the other hand, temperatures will change little, except for two drops in the interior of the peninsular southeast. The maximum will exceed 30 degrees in the surroundings of the Ebro valley and the interior of the peninsular southeast.

    The hottest capitals will be Lleida (34ºC); Logroño and Murcia (33), Girona, Huesca, Pamplona and Zaragoza (32), and Albacete and Málaga (31). On the other hand, the environment will soften more in Santander (20), Oviedo (21) and Ávila and San Sebastián (22).

    Finally, this Friday the wind will blow from the south on the west coast of Galicia, from the northeast in the Canary Islands and from the west in the Strait and Alborán, and winds from the southwest will prevail on the Atlantic slope.

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