Constant artillery fire, fields dotted with cannon craters and trenches. The war in Ukraine at this stage is similar to what happened in Europe during the First World War. A video posted on social networks proves it.

Novotoshkivske area, Luhansk. A group of pro-Russian militiamen enter a post after neutralizing most of the defenders. Only one remains, protected behind one of the small “arms” dug into the ground.

After an exchange of fire the attackers use grenades, the Ukrainian responds, throws a bomb, tries to face the threat. The enemies try again and manage to hit the hiding place, the soldier is hit by the explosion.

Brief moments filmed by a drone in its dual role as lookout and witness to one of the many battles taking place in the east of the country.

Ukrainian soldiers have created many facilities with bunkers, tunnels, “covered” walkways. Some were made with wood, cement, earth, sandbags. They try to take advantage of the constant hits from rockets, mortars and cannons.

The Russians are also creating their lines in the southern part, in those areas now under their control. Conquering a trench can cost a lot, it depends on the equipment of the weapons (machine guns, anti-tank), the precision of the gunners’ fire, the temperament of those who attack and those who defend.

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