The instructor of the Supreme CourtAndrés Palomo has summoned for next June 20, at 11:30, the deputy of the PP Alberto Casero as investigated to give a voluntary statement in relation to the case in which he investigates certain agreements and service contracts that he would have made when he was mayor of Trujillo (Cáceres) in 2017 and 2018, according to legal sources.

The Criminal Chamber agreed to open a case against the deputy after the Court of First Instance and Instruction of Trujillo submitted to the High Court a reasoned statement in which the facts attributed to the then mayor were described as a continuing crime of administrative prevarication. In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office found evidence of embezzlement of public funds in his actions.

According to the documentary and testimonial evidence provided by the Trujillo court, there are solid indications that the contracting acts investigated were carried out by Casero without subjecting himself to the administrative procedure foreseen for it, which compromised the payment of various amounts without notifying the City Council and without the necessary reports.

Among the contracts investigated is one from March 2017 when Casero allegedly hired a psychologist, hiding it from the City Council, without providing the contract, without a contract file, without a report on the need for the service and without approval of the expense.

On the other hand, in September 2017, the now deputy signed a contract with the president of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce in Spain committing the City Council to pay 25,000 euros, without informing the economic and legal services of the City Council, without the agreement was previously approved and without being submitted to public information or published in the BOE

Casero, right-hand man of the former general secretary of the PP Teodoro García Egea, faces being charged with a continued crime of administrative prevarication and another of embezzlement of public funds.

The deputy can agree to appear voluntarily before the Supreme Court on June 20 or force the body to request the Congress of Deputies the request to be able to take a statement.

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