The detainee for allegedly killing a woman in Zaragoza, Cristina, 30 years old, was serving a sentence for another homicide that occurred in 2001 in Madrid and had a search warrant since January 2020 for not returning to prison after a permit granted by a judge sources of the investigation have informed Europa Press.

The detainee for being the alleged perpetrator of the death of a woman, a neighbor of the same landing, in the Zaragoza district of San José is a citizen born in Morocco, Adil L., 45 years old, and was sentenced to 21 years by the Madrid Court for killing another woman, who did not want to have sexual relations with him, in 2001, the same year in which his first admission to prison is recorded, according to the aforementioned sources.

After not returning to the Zuera prison (Zaragoza) in January 2020, the usual protocol was activated, reporting the incident to the judicial authority, specifically the judge on duty, the prison surveillance judge and the one who issued the admission order. in prison

Since then – two years and four months – he had an arrest warrant in force for the breach of his sentence due to the fact that he did not return from a permit granted by a judge, against the criteria of the penitentiary technicians.

The events occurred at 10:00 p.m. this Monday at number 8 Alegría Street. A third person, hearing cries for help, notified the National Police and a patrol moved to the scene, which found that there was a victim of a knife and a wounded man.

The victim, Cristina and Adil L. were neighbors on the first floor of the block, which is accessed through six stairs. The doors of the houses of the victim and the aggressor have been sealed by the National Police.

Police sources have explained to Efe that upon arrival they found the woman with a knife stuck in her abdomen at the door of her home.

Despite the medical maneuvers to revive the wound, the emergency services confirmed the death of the woman at the scene.

The alleged perpetrator of the events was arrested and is admitted, under police custody, to the Miguel Servet Hospital in Zaragoza as he has also been injured.

The Homicide Group of the Superior Police Headquarters of Aragon is investigating what happened to clarify the facts. The investigation is well advanced but remains open.

In the same street where the events took place, a neighbor of number 6 has explained to the media that when she looked out the window upon hearing the noises, the police were telling the man to throw the knife away and he was shouting “I feel guilty , I feel guilty”.

The Government delegate in Aragon, Rosa Serrano, has said that the National Police is investigating the circumstances of the murder to find out what type of relationship there was between them and thus determine what type of femicide this crime is, as she has described it, and whether or not it is a sexist murder.

This is, in any case, the fifth murder of a woman in Spain in eight days, regardless of the relationship of the victims with their murderers.

In September 2003 the High Court of Madrid sentenced this man to 21 years in prison, who in June 2001 stabbed to death a French woman because she, whom he had met hours before in a nightclub and who was On vacation in the capital, she did not want to have sexual relations with him.

The defendant, 26 years old at the time, according to the sentence, was at a friend’s house together with the victim and another woman and intended to have sexual relations with one of them, but since she “didn’t feel like it and fell asleep “He went to the kitchen, took a knife and stabbed him several times, up to a dozen, after which he confessed at a police station.

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