The Council of Ministers that is being held this Tuesday has given its authorization for the officials of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) to provide information to the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 4 of the National Court, José Luis Calama, within the framework of the instruction on the espionage to the cell phones of Pedro Sánchez and the ministers Margarita Robles and Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

This decision entails empowering the officials of the secret services to provide the information required by the judge, and which he has requested, in the framework of his investigative work, after the Government presented a complaint in early May to the National High Court upon verifying that the Prime Minister’s terminal had suffered an “external attack”.

It is not about declassifying any document, because government sources explain that there is no document to declassify, such as judicial authorizations, but to enable the CNI to account for the information it has on this espionage. A “formalism” that the Government must carry out, since the work carried out by the CNI is subject to a regime where they need this authorization to send information about their tasks.

It should be remembered that the CNI, through the National Cryptologic Center, sent a report to La Moncloa after checking the terminal of the President of the Government, in which he confirmed that he had been infected. It is that this expert analysis and the information available to the officials of the secret services can be transferred to the judge.

This decision is not related to the request to declassify the judicial authorizations related to the espionage of 18 pro-independence leaders, which is why the former director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, appeared before the official secrets commission.

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