After Pedro Sánchez’s morning intervention in the Debate on the State of the Nation, it was the opposition’s turn. It was Cuca Gamarra, spokesperson for the PP, who was the first to go up to the rostrum of Congress under the watchful eye of the president of her party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to accuse the Government of “jeopardizing the story of the exemplary transition” with its pact on the Democratic Memory Law with EH Bildu and “leaving a worse and poorer country” with his economic policies.

Because it was precisely those two points that the popular tried to exploit in their speech in the Congress of Deputies, pointing out that the Executive is focused on “solving its internal issues before the problems of the Spanish”. “Today Spain is a more unequal country and Spaniards have more options to fall into poverty. You are going to leave a worse country than it was in 2018,” Gamarra said in a tone more focused on management than on political confrontation as it happened in the previous stage of Pablo Casado.

The PP spokeswoman wanted to start her speech with a minute of silence, which put the entire Hemicycle on its feet, in memory of Miguel Ángel Blanco on the anniversary of his attack. Miguel Ángel Blanco was assassinated for being a PP councilor, as were others from the PP, PSOE and UPN. That day ETA began to die, the day the civic rebellion of a young man who had been born in May 1978 began. That is the true democratic memory that we must not give up,” said Gamarra in reference to the current law that The Government has agreed with Bildu, a strategy that the PP describes as “immoral” and that they have assured that if they reach the Government they will repeal. “Democratic memory is to remember that there were those who resisted and had to flee their land. Democratic memory is to remember that Miguel Ángel Blanco does not rest in his land because those who did not let him live do not let him rest “.

That is why the PP spokeswoman has remarked that the president has decided “to choose the path of unworthy pacts just to resist” in Moncloa, “rewriting history”, “taking his lies to the past” and that “he is going to give in to keep resisting.” At that point, Gamarra recalled that Sánchez had refused a pact with Bildu after the last general elections. “Would you say it today even if he were here one more time?” This is how the popular spokesperson started her intervention before entering the economic management of the Government, which she has defined as “anomalous” for being “sandwiched between four educational reforms, 120 decree laws and for turning a deaf ear to the Council of State and the Constitutional Court “.

There Gamarra has highlighted that the president “dismisses everyone who is uncomfortable” citing as an example the director of the CNI, Colonel Pérez de los Cobos or the departure of the president of the INE. “You want maximum powers with minimum controls, but don’t forget that it is Congress that controls you,” he pointed out before adding that this is due to trying to “cover up” the country’s economic problems. “We are a nation whose citizens endure inflation of more than 10% and they want to hold us accountable.”

Gamarra has remarked that this rate of inflation “is not only Putin’s fault, but also the lack of policies”, “his forecast errors” and “his lack of capacity” to deal with it. “The differential factor with the rest of the European countries is you and your government, which are more concerned with resolving your internal issues than the problems of the Spanish”, he stated before making the president ugly by not accepting the proposals put forward by the PP and the “outstretched hand” of his party. “Their coffers are increasingly full, while the pantries of the Spanish are increasingly empty. There are families who have to choose between eating or paying for the washing machine or they cannot face an unforeseen event. The Spanish do without the most basic to pay you for your macro-government”, he stressed.

The spokeswoman for the popular has revealed that 30% of Spanish households are at risk of poverty, that the middle and lower classes are 10% poorer, that the beneficiaries of aid such as the 200-euro bonus for vulnerable households will have to wait “until December” to collect it and that Spain is “in the caboose of economic recovery” after the pandemic. “Those so powerful people that you speak of are millions of citizens, there is no house or bar that they are talking about why they do not accept the hand of the PP. Those people turned their backs on him in Andalusia and they should not let him sleep because he has taken away their dreams.

“The fundamentals of the economy are unbalanced and its statistics are not going to be able to cover the bills that Spaniards have to pay,” continued Gamarra, who in the reply stated that the current government is a “factory for generating frustrations.” “A rectification would be expected on his part, it is what the Spaniards demand. But as he insists on not changing course, it will be the Spaniards who prove it to him,” he concluded.

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