Alberto Núñez Feijóo often says that “forms are the guarantee of things”. For this reason, this Friday he has harangued his co-religionists about how they should conduct themselves in the chambers. In his allegation of good parliamentary manners, the leader of the PP has asked “to return to dignify Spanish parliamentarism”, using “the tone that the majority of Spaniards use every day in their homes”, and not falling into “the forms” of the Government and their partners.

“I don’t believe in parliamentary circuses, but in the serious work of the cameras,” Feijóo has summed up, who has asked his people not to seek to shock the tweeting parish in search of television minutes, but to work on measures that change the material life of citizens. More amendments and fewer outbursts, is the summary.

The president of the PP has gathered in the Senate the three parliamentary groups of the PP. The deputies, the senators and the MEPs have applauded in unison when Feijóo has made a closed defense of parliamentary “education”. “The cameras are not a social network in which to compete with smacks and thick words,” he said, evoking in his co-religionists the image of Macarena Olona, ​​Vox candidate for Andalusia. In collation, the popular leader has detailed the main commandment of his style manual of the good parliamentarian: “I will value a correct amendment to the PGE much more than an ingenious tweet from a deputy.” “We have to be better than the others in substance and in form.”

This has been announced by Feijóo to the deputies, senators and MEPs of the PP, meeting today in the Upper House. The meeting closed the renewal of the party, which the new leader has taken in stride. Not in vain, in private the deputies make jokes about the “Caribbean rhythm” of their leader, although they always end up praising that he treads safely. For him, the transition has been very fast: “The party has undertaken an analysis to face, in less than two months, the moment that this country is experiencing.”

After the formal presentation of the new popular leaders who will occupy the second row of the chambers, Feijóo has asked his parliamentarians to be prepared to be able to govern very soon. “In a few months, we don’t know how many, we may have responsibilities to be implementing the measures that we propose now,” he stressed. “Spain is looking at us. There are many Spaniards who are looking at us and want us to succeed. I propose to win by convincing, explaining in detail the alternative paths,” he harangued.

“Spain was excited” with the Transition, with Felipe González, with Aznar and with Rajoy, he said, and that illusion “also now becomes possible again.” “I rebel against the populist discredit that some politicians and movements of all stripes have tried to raise against the institutions; I will always contribute to protecting them and giving them prestige, wherever I am.” “I rebel against the servility of the sanchista party, which is sacrificing the interests of all in favor of those who want to fracture” Spain “without any shame”, he added.

To put everyone in the first time of greeting, tight ranks, the PP will unify its parliamentary groups even more: the three will have the same advice, to organize “better”. This is how Feijóo told his family behind closed doors, as this newspaper has learned. The change is minor, because until now there was a coordinator who controlled the three consultancies. The new person in charge of centralizing the messages will be Álvaro Pérez, Feijóo’s most trusted adviser in Galicia, who will be director of Parliamentary Coordination.

The opposition leader has criticized Sánchez for attacking the PP for its past scandals, something that PP sources ironically frame as “legitimate defense” due to the drift of the Socialists. “Sánchez begins to see himself as an opposition deputy, opposing the PP,” Feijóo stressed. “Spain has a bad government because it does not govern: its partners govern it. And because it does not manage: it is not capable of controlling the inflationary drift and it is indebting us uncontrollably, and that puts the EU at risk of continuing to transfer funds,” he stressed. .

In this sense, he has asked his team not to deviate from the path towards La Moncloa: “We have to deal with the government plan that the Spanish demand and deserve. This is how I understand the teams: to configure and publicize the project of the next Government of Spain. Above all, with ideas and proposals, but also with different styles in which the majority of Spaniards see themselves represented”.

One last complaint from Feijóo: “The sanchista party says that it wants to agree with the PP, but then it agrees on everything with the independentistas. Do we really have to participate in this theater? With me they don’t count. I refuse to understand politics as a theater in which in the morning the main opposition party is insulted and vilified and in the afternoon it is asked to negotiate as if nothing had happened. I do not plan to collaborate with that cynical policy”. “I know that the bad government is more comfortable insulting, but we work more as an alternative than as an opposition”, he has settled.

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