In his first international speech, the new leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has asked his European partners for confidence in the face of the discredit that, in his opinion, the fourth largest economy in the euro is suffering and has presented himself as the guarantor of the permanence of Spain in the single currency. Before the plenary session of the Congress of the European People’s Party in Rotterdam, Feijóo has been harsh with the coalition government: “Many of you have expressed your concern for Spain to me these days. I understand your misgivings about the opacity and the low execution of the funds Europeans. I understand your concern about the internal division and the external weakness of the Government of my country”. “I am aware of your surprise at Spain’s extremely high indebtedness,” he also stressed to the EPP, which has elected the German Manfred Weber as its new president.

The answer to this concern is the Government alternative that it represents, as he has remarked. “We are neither the eurosceptic opposition nor are we the part of the Government that doubts staying in the Atlantic Alliance. Spain is Europe and it will be even more so as soon as our party returns to the central government. We are the Party that introduced Spain to the euro and have no doubt that we will be the party that guarantees compliance with the rules of the euro”. At that moment he has been interrupted with applause.

The Galician arouses expectation in his European partners, according to non-Spanish sources from the leadership of the EPP, due to the need for this political force, the largest in the European Union, to recover governments after the departure of Angela Merkel from Germany and the difficulties of Silvio Berlusconi’s party in regaining power in Italy.

Feijóo has expressed himself in Spanish with translation and has differentiated speaking ill of the Government from speaking more of Spain in an attempt to anticipate the sure criticism that will rain down on him from the coalition Executive for his intervention. “I want to ask that they give Spain the confidence that they do not have in their Government. Spain is not only their Government. Spain is much more than its bad Government. Spain is made up of almost 48 million Spaniards, Europeans, who deserve the trust and support from community institutions. “For this reason, I bring with me three messages from the great popular family of Spain. Three messages that can be summed up in three words: Stability, hope and future.”

He has defined his political option as a “reunion with moderation” in the face of past criticism such as that of the outgoing president of the EPP, Donald Tusk, about pacts with Vox in Castilla y León. “We are prepared to govern. We count on our experience and all the ideals that we share with you. Like the people of the whole of Europe, we have ideas, not dogmas; we want to unite, not disunite; we understand political action as an exercise of responsibility, not of frivolity. We are a party with open doors, without exclusions “-.

He has assured that the PP “is the immediate future of Spain” and has harangued the delegates of the different parties of the PPE. “We are the mainstay of a liberal democracy that is politically, socially, economically and morally superior to any other system. This is how our Ukrainian brothers remind us in a fight that is ours because today they are the heart of Europe that beats for freedom” . “In the Popular Party of Spain you have a partner to fulfill the great European dream”, she concluded.

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