1. NATO leads Sánchez to set a date for the increase in military spending as it is one of the five worst

The Alliance demanded a precise plan with 2% from Spain and four other countries and “welcomes the advances” of Sánchez

2. The Crown emerges stronger after the NATO summit and confirms to the public its usefulness of representation

Casa Real has worked for months together with the Government in the role of the Kings during the summit.

3. This is how Captain Corbí arrived at the Ortega Lara dump 25 years ago today: “There is life here, it is here, I am sure”

EL MUNDO reconstructs with police charges the rescue of Ortega Lara after a quarter of a century. “It was a moral blow for ETA, without comparison”, values ​​Corbí, at the head of the operation

4. The perfect storm that threatens Operation Exit: “It could be a tragic few months”

Old cars that no longer pass the ITV, roads in the worst condition in 20 years, growing disregard for the most basic traffic regulations, an increasingly scarce staff of Traffic agents… and 93 million trips on the roads in the first post-pandemic vacation

5. Why eating well starts long before you sit down at the table

Basic questions that we often ask ourselves. Food experts Aitor Sánchez, Beatriz Robles, Pablo Zumaquero and Boticaria Garcia respond.

6. The silenced history of the conquest of America

The Lienzo de Quauhquechollan is an exceptional document that narrates the conquest of Guatemala as seen by the indigenous people who fought alongside the Spaniards, and who, proud of their exploits, wanted to vindicate them. Those conquering Indians refute those who today simplify history to use it as a weapon

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