After two years of pandemic, Santa Cruz de Tenerife was reunited this Friday with the maximum splendor of its Carnival, with the celebration of a gala that culminated in the coronation of the young Ruth González Martín as queen of the chicharrera mask party, which it was delayed from February to June so that it could be held without restrictions.

Ruth González, representing the Añaza ‘Carrefour’ Shopping Center and with a fantasy entitled “Look at me” by the designer Santi Castro, was chosen by the jury and, as a novelty, through a popular vote, both the public present at the enclosure as the one that followed him on television, among the eleven candidates who aspired to the scepter in the Carnival of science fiction.

One of the highlights of the night was the long-awaited performance by Eurovisionist Chanel, who raised the audience with her ‘SloMo’, a song with which she won third place in Eurovision a month ago, at the start of her tour of different cities of the country. The gala began with the message that “there is no greater science fiction for a carnival than not having Carnival”, in reference to the suspension of the 2021 festivities and the delay of those of 2022, to make way for an overture with different musical performances, choreography and special effects.

During the first moments of the event, a tour was made of the last two years, in which the covid-19 stopped the world and caused the suspension of mass gatherings, like all the acts of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a party of International Tourist Interest.

“In case someone hasn’t found out, we are in carnival and in two weeks we will go out on the streets again”, were the first words that sounded in the fairgrounds after the opening. After the initial parade of the eleven candidates, distributed in three rounds, the jury, made up of, among others, the designer Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Carlos Santos, Patricia Hodson, María Izaguirre, Sofía Nieto and Arantxa Rodríguez, chose the eight applicants who went on to the final round and underwent the public vote.

A tribute was made to the queens that the chicharrera party has had, as well as a special reminder of the massive dance that Celia Cruz starred in the Plaza de España 35 years ago, in 1987, and which entered the Guinness Book of Records. The act featured the humor of Darío López, from ‘Palante Producciones’, and Abubukaka, as well as the participation of representatives of all the carnival groups: murgas, comparsas, musical groups, rondallas… The gala, which lasted lasting about two and a half hours, it was broadcast live on La 2 de Televisión Española, Televisión Canaria and RTVE Play, with the attendance of around five thousand people who completed the capacity of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife fairgrounds.

The event, directed by Enrique Camacho, was led by the presenters Alexis Hernández and Laura Afonso, who were accompanied by some of the journalists who covered the volcanic eruption of La Palma in September of last year, with different messages of support for the people. palm tree that suffers the consequences of this phenomenon of nature.

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