The defense of José Manuel Villarejo has informed the National Court that the retired commissioner has suffered a “cerebral vascular accident”, and has asked the court to postpone until after the summer the resumption of the first trial in the Tandem case, scheduled for 11 of July.

The letter indicates that Villarejo was admitted to the emergency room a few days ago and examined by a cardiologist, who told him that he should rest for a few months and avoid emotions and efforts. “Relative rest is indicated and any emotional situation or significant physical effort is contraindicated for a minimum period of three months and according to clinical evolution,” indicates the cardiologist’s report.

Villarejo has already had health problems related to his hypertension. This latest episode has caused mobility problems in one eye, according to the defense, which explains that he suffers from “double vision”, “severe headaches” and discomfort when found in lighted areas.

The lawyer Antonio José García Cabrera reminds the court that Villarejo is also exercising his own defense in the trial, which reinforces the reasons for suspending the July sessions. The trial is about to conclude, since only the final report phase is missing, in which the accusations and defenses make a final presentation of their arguments.

The defense brief indicates that Villarejo is not “in the necessary health conditions, in those upcoming dates, to be physically present at the courthouse as he wished, nor is he in a position to collaborate in his own defense.”

He adds that it is necessary to take into account “the importance of these sessions in which the transcendent process of reports of the accusations and defenses will take place, which is also reflected in the full exercise of their right to the last word.”

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